Aims & Values


At Offload Rugby Camps we have 3 main aims:

  • To ensure that every player has so much fun that they simply cannot wait to come back!
  • To offer high quality coaching for players of all ages and ability
  • To provide unique and exciting experiences that are tailored to the performance and development needs of each player

How do we deliver this?

  • By only employing staff with a minimum RFU Level 2 coaching accreditation
  • Through training staff to deliver a fun, exciting, and engaging rugby curriculum
  • Having a maximum 1:15 coach: player ratio allows us to provide targeted support and challenge for players of all ages and ability
  • Our Pro-Player day’s give our young players the chance to meet and learn from players that have had successful careers in the game (available on selected camps)


Through our curriculum delivery we aim to create ‘pictures’ for players that are reflective of the modern game. This means creating training scenarios that are realistic to the game, therefore enhancing players ability to solve problems and make effective decisions to reach successful outcomes throughout the game. Our ‘PIC’ values below are designed to do exactly that.

  • Purpose – Ask Why?

We coach players to be curious, to gain understanding of their decision-making processes and develop their technical and tactical awareness.

  • Intensity – conditioning the body and mind to perform under pressure 

We coach players to come up with solutions to tactical problems in the game by creating specific pictures for them to respond and adapt to via a selection of skill zones, small-sided, adaptive, conditioned and large sided games.

  • Clarity – Clear thoughts, Clear talk, and Clear task.

Through a variety of game specific tasks, we build players confidence in their ability to process-information, communicate this information using positive coaching language and execute key skills with accuracy and efficiency.